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Making Manipulation Scene Effect Boy And Elephant In Photoshop

In this video you will see how to make manipulation Boy and Elephant scene effect in Photoshop, combaining some images, create foggy on cloud, using dodge and burn tool to create shadows and highlight, and many more. I think just a simple, but it was nice idea.

Watch Video:

Download stock images below for practice, keep in touch and enjoy the video.

Stock Credits:

Note: Read their rules first before you use their stocks!!

9 comments for "Making Manipulation Scene Effect Boy And Elephant In Photoshop"

  1. I love your work! Amazing! I wanted to try but the elephant picture is gone from the you still have it?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Rafy! Love you work, and I'm trying to do this tutorial and I can't because the elephant is no longer on the deviantart website. Do you happen to have a copy that you can email me?

    Email is


    1. i send mail plz check it and give me elephant image

  4. how to download elephant image

  5. ray you are the man through your talent i manager to know Photoshop finally

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