Child & White Bear - Photoshop Tutorial Manipulation Compositing

In this photoshop tutorial I will show you how to make child & white Bear photo manipulation compositing. we will create a nice background by combining sea and floor image. adding object with shadows clearly. using gradient map to get dramatic color effect, creating texture and many more.

Watch Video:

Get all stock images below to get practice and I hope you enjoy the video.

Stock Credits:

Note: Read their rules first before you use their stocks!!

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3 komentar

3/21/2016 7:19 pm delete

hello how to have the cloud 416
i photoshop cc 2015

thank you
here is my mail

1/08/2017 5:00 am delete

I have photoshop CC 2017
I am just learning. Do you also do a print of each step you take to follow.