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Making Fantasy Lost Manipulation Scene Effect In Photoshop

 Learn how to make fantasy photo manipulation scene effect in photoshop. how to composite and blend all images smoothly, make ambient light and adding color grade.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial and learn something with it.

Before you get started with this tutorial. Download the stock resources down below.

Stock Resource Links:

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4 comments for "Making Fantasy Lost Manipulation Scene Effect In Photoshop "

  1. You are an ARTIST FOR SURE !!!!! your work flow is amazing to watch. IF I could be only 1/2 of the graphic artist you are, I would be happy. Thanks for sharing your amazing work.

  2. I love your work. Keep it up. I'll keep on following.

  3. Hi kak, Boleh minta file psd nya gak?

  4. Благодарю за ваши удивительные уроки! Многому учусь, выполняя их!

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