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How to Download Files Bypassing SafelinkU

SafelinkU is a URL shortening site that displays advertisements when clicked, this site will usually be found on file download links, games, or software, etc. - only need to pass it to get to the actual file download link.

Here are some steps to get through it.
  • After you click the download file link, you will be directed to the SafelinkU site, wait for up to 10 seconds.

  • Give a checklist as seen in the picture given the arrow below.

  • Then click "Click here to continue"

  • If you see a new tab open then close it, then click "Get link" (still in same tab).

NB: If you cannot enter through the link, you must use a VPN with a different country.


8 comments for "How to Download Files Bypassing SafelinkU"

  1. It didn't work here, when i press the button only open a new page with ads... but the actual one don't change and I can't download the archieve.

  2. Same here.... just getting endless ads... never the photo.

  3. cant get either just a bunch of ads

  4. Impossible the get the link, I don't have a VPN.
    Thank you for nothing

  5. SOLUTION: RIGHT CLICK on "Get Link", Inspect, and the link will shop in that code, just click on it.

  6. cant get the photos :(

  7. i clicked and closed and it worked

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