Big Cat - Photoshop Fantasy Photo Manipulation Tutorial

This video will show you how to make fantasy manipulation scene effect in Photoshop CC 2015, by compositing some images, adding light, particle effect, and adding nice color effect, i hope you enjoy the video.

Watch Video :

Download the stock images  below for practice, and keep in touch.

Stock Image :

Girl link
Tiger link
Forest link
Dust link

Note: Read their rules first before you use their stocks!! name is Rafy Alfazri from Indonesia, I love all about arts

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5 komentar

5/06/2016 2:33 pm delete

terus bekarya broo.....

5/19/2016 6:41 pm delete

Bagus bangat .. tq sharing. U r my inspiration. From Malaysia

5/20/2016 6:12 am delete

everything went fine until I tried to do the blue in the corner. For some reason my wholescreen gets covered white on the left side and blue on the other and its solid you cant see through it. I am doin everything exactly the same but mine isn't turning out like yours. Please help!

7/24/2016 11:51 am delete

I had the same problem, but I just kept messing with everything till I got it like his. Then even after I got it I still messed around with it until It looked almost 100% like his.

8/23/2016 8:53 am delete

Jiiirrr... Ga nyangka gw ini karya orang Indonesia...

Bisa skill gini belajar dimana bro?