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Oil Painting Filter For Photoshop CC

As we know Photoshop cc does not have a oil paint filter, but available in previous versions of Photoshop, and this is a plug -in alternative to replace the filter. but it's work for Windows. I hope this helpful for you.

Get Plug-In Here :

Girl Stock link

Watch Video :

7 comments for "Oil Painting Filter For Photoshop CC"

  1. Mas Rafy bisa sharing private gak..?

  2. Mas Rafy bisa sharing private gak..?

  3. Hey thanks about the plugin, my GREYCstoration was greyed out. This helped. Cheers!

  4. Great plugin. This plugin has also more options instead of Oil paint.

  5. Hi Rafy Alfazri ,
    Great thanks for sharing this helpful tutorial!
    Oil painting filter for photoshop was emergency for me. i am lucky that i found out your post and my problem is solved!
    I am a logo designer, I am designing any kind logos according to my clients requirements. Check out my Social media Logos portfolio. Thanks!

  6. Oil Paint Plugins is a very helpful for photoshop photo editing i like it your post bro fantastic posting of photoshop plugin

  7. wow this is great plugin its helps for those people whos system diddid open oil paint filter in photoshop by error or any other problems like graphics card etc. i also upload tips for editing and provide luts presets for photoshop lightroom etc. if you have time then check out my blog it will be appreciated if you check out my work

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